1970: I was exposed to photography at a very young age. My dad always had a still or video camera in his hands. As a kid I hated being in pictures. Dad yelled, "Smile Doug!" I recall angrily stating, "I AM!" ~ even though I wasn't. Later on in life I started telling people I smile on the inside.

I still don't like being in pictures, but love taking them, which is why I decided to turn my passion into a business. My desire is to provide professional pictures at an affordable price.

2009: I started offering my passion to the public. And has since taken me around the world on a few occasions. I have never advertised. People find me mainly by word of mouth or from Facebook and Google.

2014: A Bride asked me to do video because she already had a photographer. Thus began the video side of my passion which opened up a whole new world.


I enjoy doing both still and video. They each have their own personality. Of course if I can do both at the same venue that is the perfect storm. Whether it be an hour, or a full day, I pour my all into each session.


My dad taught me the importance of capturing special memories that happen in life. That has played an important part in the way I help create memories for my clients.


I will provide you with memories that will last your lifetime & beyond. 



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